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The Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) programme seeks to celebrate, support and connect emerging innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in the creative and cultural industries around the world.

We find the best global talent….

The focus on entrepreneurship and innovation is a unique part of the award. We look for the people shaping our creative future – testing new models and ideas and having a positive economic and social impact in their local and global communities. We identify emerging leaders in creative businesses, who are able to make international connections and to use these to benefit others.

…give them the opportunity of a lifetime…

The prize for winning the award is a trip to the UK for a unique programme of meetings with UK industry experts, international peer networking, practical business skills workshops and attendance at key UK industry events. The trip provides the winners an amazing insight and access into the UK creative industries and wide range of contacts.

One of the main aims of the programme is to act as a springboard to build future business and form lasting collaborations in the UK and globally. Success stories from YCE have ranged from the first publication of Roald Dahl in Arabic, the founding of the Slovac Fashion Council, the successful start-up of a UK model social enterprise youth magazine in South Africa, a UK-Indian co-production of the first large scale independent music festival in India, and the initiation of numerous other joint ventures and cultural collaborations.

…and access to a network of invaluable connections

The Young Creative Entrepreneur award provides a fantastic opportunity to make cultural and business contacts and to network with a diverse group of international entrepreneurs. Since 2004, we have had over 320 participants from 53 countries across the world come to the UK, and these are just part of an active international network of over 3,000 members (participants, applicants and wider contacts). The network meet frequently at BC and partner run networking events, workshops and seminars and at international industry events, to share market information, new ideas and business opportunities.

In Latvia Young Creative Entrepreneur award has been run since 2007. There are two main areas of the programme:


Young Creative Entrepreneurs awards competition 

An annual awards programme identifies the most impressive young entrepreneurs across creative industries. It creates bi-lateral and multi-lateral opportunities for cultural and business exchange. Over 50 countries have taken part in the programme so far. The awards are run annually with the market focus for each award changing from year to year.

YCE awards are unique in rewarding entrepreneurial ability. Awards recognize that a finalist may be active as an artist, however his/her work as an artist should be secondary to their focus as an entrepreneur in the promotion of the creative sector in their country. Artistic talent will is not factored into the judging procedure – finalists are judged solely on the merit of their entrepreneurial abilities in the industry.

Award winners travel to the UK for a one week all-expenses paid industry programme to develop opportunities for commercial and collaborative work in future. The programme includes curated group meetings,  peer networking with the international participants and UK entrepreneurs, access to senior UK industry figures, including potential advice/ongoing mentoring and investment.

YCE award winners in Latvia:


Young Creative Entrepreneurs Club

An open platform which brings together young entrepreneurs from Latvia and other countries. It creates opportunities for commercial and collaborative exchange and encourages ongoing networking. This includes networking events, workshops, master classes, trainings and discussions where usually UK experts and professionals share their valuable experience and expertise across different creative industries.

YCE award is a part of the wider British Council’s Creative and Cultural Economy programme which recognises the centrality of creative entrepreneurs to the development of a sustainable and competitive creative economy.

More information can be found at www.creativeeconomy.lv


YCE partners in Latvia