Pēteris Vīksna 

At the end of summer 2018 a connection between a human being and nature, their interaction in the city were studied by the performance “Nocturne”.

International team of artists engaged in creative workshop for young people “Connect and to be connected” (performance/excursion in Ķengarags, educational programme for youth and local community). 

In addition, the interaction and mutual influence were examined. 45 young people along with artists Krista Burāne, Endijs Filds and Eriks Eriksons engaged in Ķengarags Creative workshops. They were brainstorming and, by learning to change their habits of moving and watching to re-discover their environment, they witnessed a feeling of mutual connection. During the workshop, young people were encouraged to recognize their power to influence situations and activities that they can do in order to make the city more nature and human friendly.

The performance “Nocturne” that was also held from 5 to 9 September 2018 in the neighbourhood of Ķengarags. Focus areas - studying relations of humans and nature in the urban environment, bringing the audience to the invisible and wild part of the city, changing the focus of their habitual sight and trajectory of movements. By the sunset, the performance was started and continued until the very late night, making the dark as a background of a nocturnal song of the city, where the voices of the nature and animals are loud. As a performance and a physical journey at the same time, “Nocturne” was held on the border zone, where human beings meet the nature. More than 230 spectators watched the performance.