Latvijas Pilsoniskā alianse

3 co-operation projects organised last year that took place in several places of Latvia to continue co-operation with the association Civic Alliance Latvia.

One of these projects “Riga and Latgale meet in video dialog” – was held from 11 June to 11 July 2018. This project was organised to promote Latgale, its culture, craftsmen, showing Latgale’s different sides and how interestingly diverse it can be. Within the project works made by craftsmen from Latgale were exposed in several places in Rīga to promote them – Kalnciema market, independent theatre Dirty Deal Teatro and in the Kaņepe culture centre. In addition, stories by six project participants were published in the social media and YouTube, reaching more than 1000 followers.

A social activity project “Little Citizen” was implemented in Rīga from August to October 2018 involving 300 participants from Russian speaking schools encouraging pupils to get involved in civic activities. People from different NGOs visited schools aiming to inform youth on opportunities to organise their own social campaigns.

The biggest success was the work of pupils from Rīga 49th Secondary school – they organised a simulation game of elections. Pupils analysed election programmes of politic parties, organised elections, as well as compared results of the school elections with the real ones of the 13th Saeima Elections. The winner gained opportunity to visit the Cabinet of Ministers.

On 20 September 2018 the annual NGO Summit – support of the workshop on critical thinking, development of quality media content and managing of communication for NGO’s, was held in Rīga, gathering about 50 participants from different non-governmental institutions in Latvia. Participants could visit one of three master-classes led by professional and experienced lecturers.

In the beginning of 2019, the Latvian Civil Alliance continues to implement the initiative for pupils “Little Citizen”, involving schools from different regions of Latvia. Until March, the project representatives have visited 23 schools, involving more than 700 participants.

In 2019, the Latvian Civic Alliance and the Civic policy centre PROVIDUS in co-operation with the British Council Latvia will organise several discussions with local residents in regions of Latvia “Deliberative Conversations on the Future of Latvia”, where participants will evaluate existing cohesion policy and will develop ideas to create more cohesive society. The first discussion was held on 16 March in Liepaja, gathering more than 40 participants.