The training was organised in Daugavpils from 24 November to 8 December 2018. 70 participants of different ages from Latgale (Daugavpils, Līvāni, Rēzekne, Preiļi, Malnava, Aknīste and Krāslava), 50 % of them representing Russian speaking community, participated in face-to-face activities, using online training game, mastering methods of the emotional intellect, in order to study and search for their hobbies. 

Tasks of the online game enabled participants to understand their talents, potentials, and to improve communication, stress management, empathy and self-motivation skills, as well as identify values in their professions. Concept changing methods helped them understand how to work with stereotypes towards opportunities, how to search for or change the work, as well as establish co-operation in local community.

At the end of the project many participants had discovered their interests for the future and the way for a more effective involvement in the labour market in Latvia. Many participants in their 15-year plans have mentioned that Latgale will be the place where they want to live and work, and that they want to develop this region. The “buddy’s” method of the project promoted creation of co-operation and new friendships, and participants said that they are planning to maintain the new relations further and even to participate in common project regarding the work.